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Five Top Areas to Value Engineer a Laboratory Build Out

Five Top Areas to Value Engineer a Laboratory Build Out

Most engineers’ and architects’ typical approach when designing a lab is geared toward big pharma standards where there is an unlimited source of money available to build out the facility. They often design each space to prepare for any possible contingency, as many of these large companies are constantly making modifications. These same standards do not need to be adhered to for a small to midsize firm with a different business model.


Projected Time Frame to Build a Pharmaceutical Lab


Thinking about building a pharmaceutical lab?

There are many aspects to consider before beginning construction. Depending on the size and complexity, as well as the level of modifications and equipment needed, the overall construction time frame can take from four months to one year. A manufacturing facility may take longer than a research and development lab depending on the specific build-out.


Ready to Open Your New Lab Space? 4 Tips to Expedite the Timeline

When discussing the timeline of a new lab space with a prospective tenant about 80% want immediate occupancy. There are several aspects that affect the timing process. It is helpful to acknowledge that while some factors are within your control others are not. You can mitigate many of the items by starting the process early and gathering necessary details as well as spending an ample amount of time in the planning stage.

Delays in delivery of equipment, vendor’s availability to work on your project, and difficulty getting decisions from upper management are out of your control. The part of the process you do have some control over include allowing enough lead time to order equipment which includes both HVAC units and instrumentation. (more…)

Looking for a pharma manufacturing space to rent?



Science and technology business accommodation at 2 Clarke Drive Cedar Brook, provides 25,000-230,000 sf of divisible, state-of-the-art research, office and lab space, which facilitates the implementation of a pharma manufacturing site; solid dosage, injectables or liquid dose.


Laboratory Trends: Industrialization of the Bio-Pharmacy World



The advancing field of robots has revolutionized the concept of clinical laboratory and R&D work, with some lab spaces enlisting the services of machines to perform time-consuming, repetitive and complex tasks with faster turnaround times and reduced human errors.


10 Interesting Facts About the New Jersey Bioscience Industry


New Jersey’s bioscience community has experienced significant expansion and growth in the last few years. With a combination of elite universities, top-rated teaching hospitals, leading pharmaceutical companies and R&D institutions, it is a highly sought after location for job seekers and companies alike.


Top New Jersey Pharma Headlines of 2015


Burgeoning strength in the economy and a robust market is driving growth within New Jersey’s bio-pharmaceutical life sciences cluster, as it now plays host to more than 3,000 companies in the pharmaceuticals and life sciences industries. This figure supports a significant rise in high quality employment and leasing activity across the region, and a remarkable increase in facility expansions and in mergers and acquisitions.

We have taken a look back over the previous year’s leading pharmaceutical and biotech headlines and summarized some of the most significant news developments:


SMA’s “Life Sciences Products Vendor Show” held at Cedar Brook Corporate Center, Cranbury, New Jersey

Cedar Brook recently hosted the Scientific Manufacturers Association of New York and New Jersey’s “Life Sciences Products Vendor Show”.


Tenant Profile: Amicus Therapeutics

The following is a Q&A with John Crowley, Chairman and CEO of Amicus Therapeutics Inc.
(1 Cedar Brook Drive, Cranbury, NJ).

John Crowley -Amicus Therapeutics, Inc., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer copy

What does Amicus Therapeutics do?

Amicus Therapeutics is a biotechnology company at the forefront of advanced therapies that treat a range of devastating rare and orphan diseases. Our lead product candidate, migalastat, is a personalized medicine in late-stage development, designed to treat individuals with Fabry disease on the basis of their genetic diagnosis.


Five Steps to Relocating Your Pharmaceutical Lab

Due to the complexity of relocating a functioning laboratory, it is important to plan ahead with an organized approach. The following procedures are suggested in order to prevent costly mistakes such as loss of experiments or damage to expensive equipment.