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Projected Time Frame to Build a Pharmaceutical Lab

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Thinking about building a pharmaceutical lab?

There are many aspects to consider before beginning construction. Depending on the size and complexity, as well as the level of modifications and equipment needed, the overall construction time frame can take from four months to one year. A manufacturing facility may take longer than a research and development lab depending on the specific build-out.

It is important to plan ahead and allow for additional time as well as anticipate potential challenges. It is also highly beneficial to consult with industry-specific construction managers and architects along the way to ensure that you get the most accurate information when it comes to your building project.

Here are some important points to keep in mind and estimated time frames to use as a guide when trying to formulate a timeline:

1-6 months:

Conduct a thorough search for a proper location and facility.

1-4 weeks:

Negotiate a proposal to lease or purchase a building.

3-4 weeks:

Negotiate and finalize a lease or purchase and sale agreement.

1-3 months:

Construction drawings if the space needs modifications.

1 week-2 months:

Gain permits from the township to modify space.

2-4 months

Lead time for ordering HVAC equipment.

3-5 months


From the planning stages to installation and completion, there can be several factors that affect the timing process as well as issues that must be resolved. Spending extra time at the initial stage can help you to avoid set backs down the line. Keeping these items in mind will help you to alleviate delays and contribute to a quicker and more successful lab construction.

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